Games at the OHSU Library!


We are announcing our new game collection. You might ask “what is the Library doing with games?”

Many academic libraries have started game collections and we are joining in. Tabletop games provide a way for people to talk about ideas in a more informal way. They provide a way to reflect and share with other people. These games also provide a way of relaxing, which is also very important for our students, faculty, and staff.

One example is the game Healthy Heart Hospital. This game is a cooperative game in that all the players win or lose together. In this game the players run a hospital. Which means they need to manage the inflow of patients, fund specialty departments, and keep the patients healthy.

We have just started and we have a few games available now.  Look over the list of games we have already. You can check them out from the BICC 3rd Floor Service Desk just like you would a book. Then get together with co-workers or friends and play a game.