Your Suggestions, Week of 2/4/19

If the library is investing in games (, two other health-related (and fun) games that you should consider are GutCheck and OrganATTACK.

Thank you for recommending games that will be relevant and fun for OHSU learners.  I shared your suggestions with the librarians who developed the game collection.  They agree that we will acquire these and make them available.


It may be nice to have some sort of consolidated knowledge base (e.g., or Wiki (e.g., for the various scientific programming resources and tasks that are needed in biomedical science these days. In other words, to formally support initiatives such as (see

I appreciate your pointing out these resources and initiatives.   As someone new to OHSU (I started December 3), there is a lot to explore about how the Library can partner within OHSU and the broader scientific programming community to support initiatives like these.   The Library currently contributes to scientific programming on campus, including BioData Club.  We are working on a project to identify and document data science and scientific programming resources at OHSU, including people, informal groups and educational opportunities. We will use this information to facilitate discovery of these resources. The examples you provided will be helpful for our planning process!  If you would like to engage with that project team, please contact Robin Champieux.


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We welcome your suggestions to improve the online and physical services and resources at OHSU Libraries.  Submissions from this form go to Kris Alpi, the OHSU University Librarian, and suggestions that include contact information will be responded to within two business days.  Suggestions and responses may be shared with the OHSU community through Library Notes, the OHSU Library Blog. Personal information will not be posted.