Your Suggestions, Week of 4/29/19

Thank you for the newly renovated floors on the fourth floor. Unfortunately, the power outlets in the floor (particularly by the study cubicles) are sealed off by compartments. Please leave directions on how to open these compartments so we are able to easily access the power outlets while studying/working in these locations. Right now, it’s impossible for anyone to access the power outlets within the compartments without (or most of the times, even with) a flat head screw driver.

Thank you for letting us know.  We were surprised at how difficult the power boxes in the study cubicle area and the BICC 429 large conference room are to open and where they are located.  We are looking at an option to add power strips to the cubicle walls and tables so that you would have power and not need to open the floor boxes in the middle of the floor.  In the meantime, we will post instructions on how to open the boxes at several locations on the 4th floor. The boxes in the main part of the floor are much easier to open and can be opened without tools, so consider sitting in one of those areas if you need to charge your devices.  In the BICC 429 conference room, we plan to install an electrical outlet on the wall in the front of the room and then add power strips to get power to the tables.


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