Your suggestions, week of 8/5/19

As a Registered Nurse licensed in Oregon, I have access to AccessMedicine. This resource has zero nursing textbooks and resources. All of it is geared toward MDs. There are more RNs than any other type of health care professional in Oregon. Not to mention all of the other licensed health care professionals who are not served by Medicine-only resources. Is there a plan to contract with McGraw Hill to provide their nursing textbooks and tools? Is there another place I should go to find these resources?

Thank you for reaching out about online access to nursing resources through the Oregon-licensed health providers program.  I wish we had more to offer nurses. The entire amount of money provided through the licensing program is from the Medical Board and it is only enough to pay for a single collection to try to meet the needs of licensed health providers.  There is within Access Medicine a Hospital Corner which also has books on health care management, innovation, and patient safety if any of those will be helpful.

It is my understanding that there is not a separate set aside from the nursing licensing fees to support licensing nursing-specific titles.   If you believe nurses would be interested in pursuing state-wide licensing for nursing information resources, please let me know what resources would be of the most interest and we could request pricing so you could get a sense of what the per-license fee would be to support online access to the desired resource(s).

In terms of where to go to find these resources absent state-wide licensing, I think your health care employer would generally be the party that would be licensing resources for your use if you are in a hospital or health system or group practice.  As an individual, your best bet may be your public library system which may have individual books or a database subscription to something like Health Source Nursing/Academic Edition.   If you can provide me more information about where you are located and what type of nursing resources you need, I can try to be more specific.


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