Your suggestions, week of 9/9/19

I love your library of things! Can we request an item? In the monthly manager meeting, they have a square padded microphone (branded) that they toss to people in the audience. ( It allows people who are online listening to hear the questions being asked. Is that something you could carry? As a instructor, I only would need it a few times a year, but I imagine more people would use it. Anyone having a meeting with virtual participants would benefit.  Thanks for considering!

The Library’s Tech Collection Working Group discussed this very thing at our last meeting! We agreed that this is something we plan to purchase as soon as we get our backlog of tech items into the system and ready for lending in the next month or so.  We are happy to let you know when we have one ready to check out, and feel free to contact Tracy Thornton, Library Administrator, if you have any specifications you’d like us to consider when making the purchase.

Recently I became aware that there is another Ovid Medline segment available called Ovid MEDLINE ALL (1946 to Daily Update), however I do not see it listed among the Ovid Medline segments on the OHSU Library website. Is it possible to add it?

Thank you for your note. I am forwarding this to Kristi DeShazo, the Director of Collection Management, to see if this segment can be made available.  If we make it available, we will also consider how all the Ovid MEDLINE segments can be grouped together in a meaningful order in the list of resources.

Update 10/8/19: The Ovid MEDLINE® ALL (1946 to Daily Update) segment is now available to search in Ovid MEDLINE and we are taking the suggestion in terms of better organizing the menu of available databases. If you would like to provide input on the organization of the databases available in Ovid MEDLINE please contact Director of Collection Management, Kristi DeShazo.


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