Your suggestions, week of 9/30/19

I requested a book and my request is showing as “cancelled by staff”… Why are we able to search a catalog of material that ends up being unavailable? If requests are being cancelled by staff it would be great to understand why we are able to request them in the first place. I need to get the book!

I’m sorry your request was cancelled with no notice.  When we cannot fill requests, we normally notify you with the reason for the cancellation.  We have determined that your request was cancelled by mistake, which is why you were not notified and no reason was given.   We apologize for the inconvenience and we have reinstated your request and are optimistic that it will be fulfilled soon.   Thank you for reaching out.  You will get the most timely response if you use the contact us form rather than submit to the Suggestion Box; having your contact information helps us respond faster to your unique situation.

Could we have a pencil sharpener here please? (at comment box table).

I have ordered a battery-operated pencil sharpener that will work at that table. If it works well, I will order a second one for the other comment box table. (OHSU Library staff-Amy)  In the meantime, there is a pencil sharpener on the corner of the Service Desk on the 3rd floor.

Grease the 3-hole punch. Quite loud. I felt bad using it because it might have been disruptive. Thanks!

I have replaced the loud hole punch with a better one.  I also ordered tinfoil, as a student told me tinfoil can be used to sharpen them. I will try it out on all of our hole punches when it arrives. (OHSU Library staff-Amy)


How can we improve your Library experience?  Make your suggestion to Kris Alpi, University Librarian.

We welcome your suggestions to improve the online and physical services and resources at OHSU Libraries.  Submissions from this form go to Kris Alpi, the OHSU University Librarian, and suggestions that include contact information will be responded to within two business days.  Suggestions and responses may be shared with the OHSU community through Library Notes, the OHSU Library Blog. Personal information will not be posted.