Your suggestions, week of 10/7/19

Some small group study rooms don’t have an HDMI cable. Is it possible to add it so that all rooms have them?   Could we also have HDMI connector available for checkouts at the library? Thank you.

Thank you for asking.  All of the study rooms in the Library at the BICC should have a variety of connectors connected to the monitors, including HDMI cables.  If you find one is missing or if you think there need to be additional HDMI connectors available for checkout at the BICC, please let us know.

Study rooms in the Graduate Learning Research Center (LRC) on the 5th floor of the RLSB have wall jacks that support both VGA and HDMI which require a cable to use. The Library provides HDMI cables for checkout at the LRC service desk which is staffed 10am-3pm M-F.  As reserve items, these cables can be checked out for two hours when the desk is staffed; if you check out a cable after 1:00 pm, you can keep it until 10:00 am the next business day.  You can return the cable in the Library book drop or in person.

Regarding your request about adding HDMI cables to all rooms,  the Library does not manage the technology in the LRC study rooms.  We would be happy to share this request with the Provost’s Office which has a more direct connections with the management of the RLSB–please contact David Forero, Technology Director of the Library, <> so that he can more fully understand your request if it is to have HDMI cables at the LRC available outside of the checkout hours.


Could we please have a skeleton available to be checked out to students? It would be really helpful to be able to check out a skeleton while studying for anatomy.

The Library has a 39-inch tall skeleton model available for lending at the Service Desk at our BICC location.  Its standard check-out period is three days, and we are happy to work with you if you need it longer.   If you were hoping to borrow a different size or type of skeleton, please fill out the Suggest a Purchase form on our website with that information, and we will consider your request and get back to you.

Your suggestion helped us realize that having one skeleton model at the BICC may not be convenient for Graduate Learning Resource Center (LRC) users on the South Waterfront.  Once we establish what type of skeleton would be most useful, we will look into purchasing a skeleton model for the LRC.

skeleton model
Borrow this skeleton at the OHSU Library-BICC.

Could we please put disposable white board wipes at the front desk so that the white boards could be cleaned before we use them? Sometimes they are so dirty that it is almost impossible to read what is written on them.

Thank you for this feedback!  We found several whiteboards in both our BICC and RLSB locations in need of a deep cleaning which we will address in the coming weeks. We also determined that we need to purchase a different brand of whiteboard marker and eraser to ensure the boards clean up effectively after use.  We will place whiteboard cleaning supplies next to our other cleaning supplies in our BICC 24-hour space on the 4th floor, and order supplies for the Graduate Learning Resource Center in the RLSB.

We set up a regular cleaning schedule to ensure that the boards get more consistent attention.  Please notify a staff member or use the Contact the Library link on our website to report any problems with the whiteboards or whiteboard supplies.


How can we improve your Library experience?  Make your suggestion to Kris Alpi, University Librarian.

We welcome your suggestions to improve the online and physical services and resources at OHSU Libraries.  Submissions from this form go to Kris Alpi, the OHSU University Librarian, and suggestions that include contact information will be responded to within two business days.  Suggestions and responses may be shared with the OHSU community through Library Notes, the OHSU Library Blog. Personal information will not be posted.