Your suggestions, week of 11/11/19

I have been having trouble gaining access to this book, and I was wondering if the library would be willing to purchase a couple of books due to the high demand. As a distance learner, it’s very difficult for me to gain access to these books. Going through Summit to attain these books sometimes takes 2 to 3 weeks and the books cannot be extended, so it would be really helpful if OHSU had multiple copies available.  (Bates’ guide to physical examination and history taking, Twelfth edition, 2017).

We are sorry that you are having difficulty accessing this book and that the copies on reserve at the Library do not address your needs as a distance learner.  The publisher does not sell an electronic edition of this book to libraries. We purchased five print copies of this book, of which one has already gone missing.  The first availability for our copies would likely be late December, so we recommend that you put in a request to borrow via Summit as it appears there are copies available.  We will talk with Summit about extending loan periods in the future.

We recognize the high demand for textbooks, but we cannot purchase enough copies for everyone and we will not be purchasing additional copies of this book at this time.  If it would be helpful, we have online access to the Bates Pocket Guide abridged version — another option is for you to suggest that your course instructor contact the Library to put small readings from the book on reserve so that they may be made available within educational fair use to all students enrolled in the course.


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