Your suggestions, week of 11/18/19

The library (BICC 3rd floor) is extremely loud and there seems to be a lot of noise coming from downstairs. Whether its staff having conversations, meetings taking place, and/or construction, it becomes very difficult to do anything. I would use a private room, however, they tend to be occupied. Kind of defeats the purpose of coming to a library.

Thank you for reaching out.  We designated the 3rd floor of the Library as a “moderate talking” space because we know that it’s an area where collaborators meet and conversations take place, especially at the Library’s Service Desk.  We also understand that the acoustics of the BICC building are such that all types of noise on the 3rd floor can carry up to the 4th floor and be disruptive.  I have shared your feedback with Library staff and asked them to be mindful of this as they conduct essential conversations and have encouraged them to meet in enclosed office spaces whenever possible.  I will also be more mindful of this as I move through the Library talking with staff and learners.

While private spaces on the 4th floor are limited, there are quiet study spaces on the second floor, which is accessible from the 3rd floor via the Library’s stairwell or the internal elevator during regular Library hours, 8:00 am to 6:00 pm, Monday-Friday.  However, these second floor spaces may also be loud when events are being held in the first floor BICC Gallery.  We have headphones available for check out at the Service Desk and will order some with noise-canceling functionality.  Earplugs are available on the supply tables on each floor; you may also request earplugs at the Service Desk.

I hope these ideas lead to a better Library experience for you.   We do anticipate another construction project in December/January on the 4th floor to close up the open space between the wall and the ceiling in the large conference room on that floor.  While it will be noisy during the work, the goal is to reduce the sound impact coming out from the meeting room onto the 4th floor and improve things in the long term.  We will be posting more information about that project when we have the dates finalized.


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