OHSU Library Resources and Services During Modified Operations FAQ

OHSU Library’s physical locations are closed, but online services remain available to support research, clinical care and online instruction.  Below you will find information about the Library’s current services and resources. This information is subject to change, so please check back often and use our Contact Form or email us at library@ohsu.libanswers.com with questions or requests for assistance.


Is the Library open?

OHSU Library’s physical locations are closed, although the badge access 24-hour spaces remain accessible. Students should refer to their Program Director if seeking permission to come on campus specifically to use Library spaces or technology. See FAQ about sanitation in the BICC space.

The Robertson Life Sciences Building is closed, therefore access to the 24-hour Learning Resource Center is restricted to students already on campus for an approved activity.  Online 24/7 access to resources and remote access to Library services during business hours will continue.   

How can OHSU faculty, residents, staff, and students access electronic resources from off-campus?

The Library’s electronic resources are available online 24/7. All Library resources should be accessed via the Library’s website to ensure seamless access to full-text content.  When accessing resources from off-campus, you will see a Remote Access Login page where you will need to provide your OHSU network credentials.

  • If you are logged into the VPN on an OHSU-provided device, access will work the same as when you are on-campus.
  • Journals can be looked up by title in Library Search.
  • Databases can be found in the Popular Resources section on the front page of our website or in our A-Z Database List.
  • Electronic document delivery via Get It For Me will continue to be available.
  • For information about how to view OHSU Library’s e-resources when off-campus, please see this page.
  • To link Google Scholar to OHSU’s electronic resources from off-campus, please see this page.

How can I get help from the Library?

Please use our Contact Form or email us at library@ohsu.libanswers.com to get assistance with literature searches, publishing, citation formatting and management, research data management, or problems accessing library resources. Questions may be submitted 24/7. Your request will be triaged Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM by OHSU Library staff within 1 hour and you will receive a reply from an OHSU Librarian within 24 hours.

How can I make an appointment to meet with a Librarian?

Our Education, Research, and Clinical Outreach librarians are available for remote consultations via email, phone or online meetings. Schedule an online virtual appointment at http://librarycalendar.ohsu.edu/appointments/virtual. If the available online office hours don’t work with your schedule, use our Contact Form or email library@ohsu.libanswers.com to let us know and we’ll work something out.

Can the Library help me provide access to materials my students need for a course I am teaching?

If your course requires students to read materials that they do not own, OHSU Library can help you provide online access to materials for your students through our Course Reserves service. We provide links to digital articles or e-book chapters or scans from print materials, which you can add to your Sakai course.  If we don’t own a book currently, we will try to purchase the e-book format if it’s available or a print copy from which we can scan select sections. Please submit your requests for Course Reserves items using our online form at https://www.ohsu.edu/library/course-reserve-materials. If you have questions, please contact us at circdesk@ohsu.edu.

How can we check out print materials from the Library?

OHSU Library will provide you print books by request, both from our own collection and from other libraries. Your options include delivery via Campus Mail or scheduling a time for curbside pickup. For either of these options, place a request for the item in the Library’s catalog by locating the desired item and clicking “Request OHSU’s copy” after logging in. From there, select Campus Mail or BICC Library for your pickup location.

If you choose the BICC Library pickup, you will receive an email with instructions for how to schedule a pickup. Curbside pickup hours are between 9:00 am and 10:00 am Tuesday through Friday or 11:00 am and 2:00 pm, Monday through Friday. Meet us at the end of the skybridge on top of Parking Garage C, by the book drop and parking pay stations to receive your item(s).

Please contact us if you need to arrange a pickup time outside of these hours. We have staff onsite every day and will do our best to accommodate your schedule.  We also have lockboxes available for after hours pickup at both BICC and the RLSB.

Materials not owned by OHSU Library may be requested through our catalog via the Summit service or the Get It For Me interlibrary loan service, and we have the same Campus Mail or curbside pickup options.

Is Summit borrowing from NW academic libraries available?

Summit borrowing from NW academic libraries is available from almost all libraries.  You can place requests for Summit items in our catalog.  Summit items may be returned to our book drops (see below).  No fines will be generated for overdue items.

What should I do with items I currently have checked out?

If you have items you have borrowed from the Library that you would like to return, please use one of our book drops:

  • At the end of the BICC sky bridge in Parking Lot C, near the pay stations.
  • Inside the BICC, outside the 3rdfloor Library entrance. Note: BICC access requires your ID badge to enter the building now.
  • At the base of the Portland Aerial Tram – Lower Terminal.

Books may also be returned through Campus Mail (mail code LIB).  Overdue fines will not be charged for books returned after the due date. However, you may receive an e-mail notification that your item is due if someone else requests it.  In that case, you may be charged for the cost of lost books if they are not returned in a timely manner.

We understand you may not be able to return items in person or via Campus Mail. If that’s the case, please contact the Library at library@ohsu.libanswers.com or use the Contact the Library form at www.ohsu.edu/library and we will help you find another way to get the items back to us.

Can we get more disinfecting wipes for the 4th floor space in BICC?

Let us know when the wipe container or hand sanitizer is empty by using our Contact Us form and we will request them from OHSU supply and try to restock.

OHSU’s custodial team is disinfecting this area frequently, but not after every use.  Please protect yourself while using our 4th floor space:  wear a mask, avoid touching your face after touching common surfaces, wash your hands often, and feel free to bring your own disinfecting wipes or sanitizer.

How can I get access to items in the Historical Collections & Archives?

Our Historical Collections & Archives staff are available for virtual historical research consultations, and for scanning collection items for digital delivery to researchers (subject to staff availability and current level of access to physical collections). Schedule a virtual historical research consultation at https://librarycalendar.ohsu.edu/appointments/langford, use our Contact Form, or email us at hcaref@ohsu.edu with your historical collections requests.

I’m a student, can I use space in the Library to study?  Can I use a room? 

OHSU Library spaces and workstations in the 24-hour space on the 4th floor in the BICC building remains accessible by badge access for critical function employees and students who are already on campus for an approved activity.  Students should refer to their Program Director if seeking permission to come on campus specifically to use Library spaces or technology.

These spaces are fairly well used by critical function employees already on campus.  Please only reserve the rooms if your need is for a private space for an online meeting at a designated time.

Please also use headphones when listening to audio content in Library rooms.

Is it safe to use a Library space? 

OHSU Library users are responsible for their own well-being and should use their own judgment when using Library spaces during OHSU’s Modified Operations. As with all OHSU buildings, users should wear a mask, maintain proper distancing, and assume sanitizing of the spaces is their responsibility. Some cleaning supplies are available and custodians do a more thorough cleaning three or four times per day.

What Library services are available onsite at the BICC?  

The OHSU Library’s physical locations and service points are closed during Modified Operations. Limited staff are onsite daily to manage critical function needs but they are unable to provide real-time onsite support or in-person Library services at this time.  Online 24/7 access to resources and remote access to Library services during business hours continue to be available.