Your suggestions, week of 3/30/2020 and notice to Suggestion Box contributors

As we have moved towards increased teleworking and virtual meetings, it would be great if Slack (or other types of team-based, project management-type tools) were available to the entire community where Box could be integrated into it. I understand multiple groups across campus are already using it (excluding HIPAA information) and have found it to be useful for project management.

Thank you for this suggestion. OHSU Library generally does not purchase site-licensed software unless it is specific to using library resources or services. We view Slack and other project management tools as broadly applicable across OHSU as a whole, and therefore you may wish to make your suggestion to OHSU’s Information Technology Group (ITG) [O2 internal link] which purchases and distributes software used across OHSU.

For software to be used in the education mission, you may request that the Academic Technologies workgroup of the Academic & Student Affairs Council review the software for educational purposes and make a recommendation to the Provost’s office about whether it should be considered for funding. To request to have Slack or other software reviewed for education, please use this link:


Dear Suggestion Box contributors,

I wanted to let you know that during Modified Operations the Library staff is not reading printed suggestions deposited in the 4th floor 24-hour space suggestion box. If you have placed a suggestion there and would like to have it addressed, please resubmit it through the online form below.   Thank you and take care,



How can we improve your Library experience?  Make your suggestion to Kris Alpi, University Librarian.

We welcome your suggestions to improve the online and physical services and resources at OHSU Libraries.  Submissions from this form go to Kris Alpi, the OHSU University Librarian, and suggestions that include contact information will be responded to within two business days.  Suggestions and responses may be shared with the OHSU community through Library Notes, the OHSU Library Blog. Personal information will not be posted.

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