Documenting COVID-19 at OHSU

OHSU’s Historical Collections & Archives is embarking on a project to document the impacts of COVID-19 on the OHSU community. This pandemic has placed a particular stress on people in the health sciences, and for some, has inspired an incredible sense of purpose. Whether you are a practicing healthcare worker on the front lines of patient care, a student or instructor adjusting to a virtual learning environment, hospital staff providing vital operational support, a researcher who mobilized to support OHSU’s coronavirus response while laboratory projects are on hold, or an OHSU member performing any number of other roles in our community, we want to hear from you. 

We are collecting stories of how COVID-19 is affecting your life, education and work. Documentation can be in virtually any format: audio recordings/voice memos, oral history-style interviews (please maintain social distancing protocols), videos, photos, zines, websites, journal/diary entries, emails, and more. Our aim is to capture a wide view of how the pandemic is affecting the daily lives of the OHSU community.

"Share your OHSU COVID-19 story" written across a silhouetted image of Mt. Hood.

Sharing our experiences and stories, especially during intense, emotional or stressful times, expands our connectedness and well-being. Hearing stories from others helps us to connect and strengthens our community. And taking the time to document these stories while they are happening is important to help future generations understand this experience in context.

We invite ALL members of the OHSU community to contribute to this historical documentation project. Please visit Documenting COVID-19 at OHSU to learn how you can become part of this project, or email Steve Duckworth, University Archivist, for more information.