Anytime, anywhere: The Library is here to help

Did you know that you can video chat with a librarian to get help with things like conducting a literature review, searching PubMed or learning how to use EndNote? Or that you can request free digital delivery of articles you need, whether or not they’re in OHSU’s collections?

While our physical locations have been closed, Library staff have worked together remotely to find creative solutions for OHSUians and community members as your in-house network of services, resources and collaborators. Below, we share some ways we’re mobilizing to connect people with resources and expertise, regardless of location.

Getting the resources you need, when you need them

Through our Get It For Me service, our Interlibrary Loan team has borrowed 1200+ articles and book chapters for OHSU students, staff and faculty, while providing nearly 3000 items to universities and hospitals around the world. When regular channels are unavailable, we’ve found creative solutions, like connecting article requesters directly with authors (with permission) so that the flow of scholarly information continues.

Our Critical Function staff, particularly our University Librarian, Kris Alpi, have been scanning from our print collection, so that we can continue to provide our Get It For Me service to the OHSU community and to other researchers via libraries across the globe. We’re making sure Historical Collections & Archives materials are available, as well: University Archivist Steve Duckworth has been scanning requested historical materials for digital delivery.

Our Collections and Access Services teams identified and purchased electronic versions of course materials and other print resources, ensuring that our faculty and students are able to access the texts they need to learn. The Collections team also secured temporary access to a crucial text for a collaborative dermatology research project.

Providing expertise and support, whatever your location

While our in-person service desk is closed, our Access Services team has kept our virtual service desk running and responsive, offering support for over 1200 transactions on everything from finding articles to downloading web browsers since March 16! Need help? Submit a request.

Our Education, Research and Clinical Outreach (ERCO) librarians have maintained seamless support for 1:1 research consultations with virtual meeting technologies, along with phone and email contact. Schedule a virtual consultation to get expert assistance with your specific information needs.

Historical Collections & Archives staff offer virtual research consultations and even virtual donation reviews, whether you need help finding historical information or have come across important history during spring cleaning. See a full range of available Historical Collections & Archives services.

Supporting research and instruction in a virtual space

ERCO librarians have teamed up to translate our classes into an online format, jumpstarting our incorporation of active learning techniques learned from OHSU’s Teaching and Learning Center and others. Instructors, please contact us to request a librarian instruction session for your course. Topics include citation management, PubMed and database search strategies, and more.

With Research Week activities shifted online, our ERCO library faculty hosted and moderated 8 of the 21 virtual research presentations on June 12. Abstracts and some posters from virtual Research Week will have a permanent home in our Digital Collections.

Connecting OHSUians to necessary technology and systems

Our Technology Group and Access Services team are connecting people with the tools they need, such as SAS statistical software. When OHSU does not have the software requested, we can suggest free alternatives for a working solution, while continuing to investigate university-wide options for the long term. Reach out for assistance in finding a particular tool or technology for your work.

Training for the Digital Asset Management System (DAMS) transitioned from in-person to fully-online sessions, with three departments onboarded since mid-March. Does this sound like something your team might need? Contact our DAMS administrator Pam Pierce to get started.

Data & Research Engagement Librarian Marijane White and Systems Analyst Linh Le updated our EZproxy for Off-Campus Access guide to include information on using the EZproxy bookmarklet. This tool allows you to gain off-campus access to journal articles in one-click, without having to navigate back to the article via the Library website!

Expanding digital programming

Staff from both Historical and Digital Collections created a more robust online version of our exhibit, There’s A Place for You: Oregon Women in the Health Sciences, which allows online visitors to interact more with the materials.

Our first online-only events, two virtual curator’s talks related to “There’s A Place for You,” made our programming accessible to a wider audience than on-campus events. Recordings of these events are available via our Events page. To be kept informed of upcoming programming, request to be added to our email list.

Documenting this moment

Historical Collections & Archives initiated the Documenting COVID-19 at OHSU project, and created a way for OHSU members to share their stories while staying home to stay safe. Later, the same mechanism was adapted into a standard digital file donation form, making it easier for OHSUians engaged in #BlackLivesMatter and #ShutdownSTEM activism to contribute their files and photos to the historical record.

Ensuring our operations continue smoothly

Through all of this, our Administration team seamlessly transitioned to supporting Library operations remotely, including handling our meeting logistics.

Not sure how to access what you’re looking for, or in need of some expertise? Contact us and we will help you find what you need.