New Resource Guide on Race, Racism and Health Disparities

In collaboration with the Center for Diversity and Inclusion, and in response to requests from our community, the Library has published a new guide: Resources on Race, Racism and Health Disparities.

In the guide, you’ll find resources for the following:

  • History and context: Learn about the history of race and racism in Oregon, and the history of race and medicine in the United States.
  • Data and reports: Find currently available data on health disparities in Oregon and in the United States.
  • Contemporary analysis: Understand current perspectives on racism and health disparities.
  • Action: Locate relevant initiatives at OHSU and in Oregon.
  • Anti-racist resources: Deepen understanding of, and commitment to, anti-racist practices and education for professional use and personal study.
  • Additional information sources: Explore resources on COVID-19 and health disparities, as well as reading lists from other organizations on race, racism and health.

The list is not comprehensive, but offers starting points to incorporate into instruction, research and personal study. Resources in the guide are available either online for free or via the Library with your OHSU account. Contact us for assistance with identifying additional resources for a given topic, or to suggest additions or changes to this resource guide.

The resources compiled in this guide represent the work of Library staff, specifically Meg Langford, Tova Johnson and Laura Zeigen, and all of our Center for Diversity and Inclusion colleagues, including direct coordination with Wes Studer, Rebecca Sutton-Kanyako and Andrew Justicia. The guide was published in coordination with the Library’s Diversity Committee.

Many of the print and electronic copies of books listed in this guide are available at OHSU thanks to the efforts of the Student Wellness and Professionalism (SWAP) representatives from the School of Medicine student councils, with funding from the School of Medicine Dean’s Fund sought out and secured by the M.D. Class of 2023 SWAP representatives, in a project led by Sammy Clark (Med23). Responding to their community’s calls to action in support of the Black Lives Matter movement in June 2020, the project leaders sought to expand the Library’s anti-racism book collection in order to provide students from all programs and classes with resources for further reading and discussion. Because of these student leaders, a robust collection will be accessible for years to come.

By Meg Langford and Tova Johnson

Update: Image removed by request on 3/1/2021.