The Library home page: a new look, and looking forward




If you visited the Library website recently, you may have noticed a new banner image.

As part of our ongoing process to improve our website content and organization, we’ve discussed the need to update our landing page visually.  During these ongoing conversations, we received a request via our Suggestion Box to replace the previous banner image (visible in the OHSU web archive) with one that better represents the communities that the Library supports. We agreed, and asked for help from the OHSU Digital Engagement team to take action.

At this time, we chose to update our landing page with an image sourced by Digital Engagement to begin to address our shared desire for a more inclusive representation of our communities. We recognize that no single image can fully represent our communities, and we aspire to eventually have multiple visuals that keep our website fresh and reflective of the Library as dynamic and a welcoming place to connect.

Please share your comments and suggestions on our website or future banner images that represent the Library and the communities we serve: Submit suggestions via our Suggestion Box.  We will consider all  suggestions with regard for OHSU Digital Identity Guidelines and the Library’s community engagement vision. Thank you for your interest in improving the Library!