Keeping the books off the shelf: most items are now fine free and renew automatically

Fine free and automatic renewal graphic

Return your OHSU Library books when you’re done with them: we want you to use them for as long as you need them!

No overdue fines for most items

To ensure OHSU members and community borrowers have easy access to books in the Library, we no longer charge overdue fines for items that are returned after the due date. Pre-existing overdue fines will be waived.

We will continue to charge the cost to replace lost or damaged books; this includes items that are not returned in a timely fashion when we ask you to return them for others to use.

Automatic renewal for most items

Books owned by OHSU Library may be checked out for 90 days at a time with unlimited renewals, and renewals will now be automatic!

You will not receive a notice when a book is due unless it has been requested by another user.  If you still need the book and no one else has requested it, keep it!  It will be renewed for another 90 days.  If we can’t renew your item, you will be notified via email four days prior to the due date. If you still need a book that is not renewable, please contact the Library to discuss options.



Textbooks & Course Reserves

The OHSU Library purchases required course texts in e-book format wherever possible.  Course reserves check out for 2 hours (or three days under Modified Operations).   Course reserves may be renewed using your Library account if no one else has requested the item.

The Library does not provide required textbooks via interlibrary loan since they are typically needed by the learners at those libraries.

Books from other libraries

Books requested from other libraries have varying loan periods. The due date should be indicated on the attached sticker or book strap attached.  Make a note of it! If you think we should buy the book for the OHSU Library collection, we welcome your suggestions for books the Library should purchase!

Books requested from other northwest academic libraries through our Summit service have a six-week loan period with one renewal. Log into your Library Account to renew Summit items.

Books requested from other libraries through our Get It For Me interlibrary loan service may or may not be renewable. To request a renewal for a Get It For Me item, please contact

Equipment Collection

Please contact us to inquire about extending equipment loan periods.

Questions? Ask us and we will be happy to help!