Journal Citation Report/Essential Science Indicators subscription ends Dec 31

On December 31, OHSU’s subscriptions to Journal Citations Reports and Essential Science Indicators will end.  These resources provide OHSU members with access to some journal and article-based bibliometrics, including the Journal Impact Factor. If you are working on or planning an analysis that relies on these tools, we encourage you to extract your data before December 31.

The reason for this loss of access is due to the product vendor’s decision to require institutions to also subscribe to Web of Science as an underlying data source. There is no funding for Web of Science in the FY21 budget and canceling similar resources would not provide sufficient funds.

The Library’s Education, Research and Clinical Outreach department will continue to provide research impact and metrics services and outreach. This includes assistance with obtaining and understanding alternative metrics for evaluating article level impact as well as the relative importance of journals.

Please note that this change does not affect the Library funded license for Endnote which is also provided by the same vendor, Clarivate. For questions related to this decision or assistance with research impact and metrics services, please Contact the Library.