Your Suggestions, Week of 1/25/2021

Hi, I just wanted to drop a note to remind you how thankful I am we have UpToDate as a database at OHSU. I remember a year or more ago, the OHSU UpToDate subscription was removed, to my horror and many of my colleagues. We are really glad it came back quickly…I recall that someone at the BICC said they would reevaluate in a year, so I wanted to drop a note and remind you how much we MDs, NPs, and PAs use it. If you are considering getting rid of it, I highly recommend a thorough discussion with these groups as stakeholders. Thank you!!!

Thank you for reaching out.  We typically evaluate all OHSU subscriptions in January-February so that funds to renew those that are well used by OHSU members may be requested as part of the next fiscal year budgeting process, e.g. evaluating subscriptions now in early 2021, for the FY22 budget which covers their costs for 2022.  However, last year OHSU’s healthcare mission leaders decided to fund a two-year renewal of the OHSU subscription to UpToDate through June 30, 2022 so we will not be engaging stakeholders in a discussion of its value at this time. I will share your feedback with them though so they have it as we move forward.


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