Accessing full text from PubMed when off-campus

We’d like you to know about a change we’ve made to the way PubMed is accessed from the OHSU Library web site that may affect the way you get access to the full text of articles in journals we subscribe to when you are off-campus.

What changed?

We’ve stopped proxying the link to PubMed, both in the Popular Resources list on the front page of our web site and in our A-Z databases list.

Other electronic resources are still using proxied links; PubMed is the only one that has changed.

Why did we make this change?

Many users were encountering errors logging into their My NCBI accounts when they accessed PubMed via a library-proxied link from off-campus, regardless of the web browser or login method used. This problem has been preventing PubMed users from using My NCBI features such as saving searches, creating collections, or setting up search alerts.

This is not a problem exclusive to OHSU; other libraries and librarians report that their users have also encountered it. We decided to change our links to PubMed after some of our colleagues shared it as a solution to the My NCBI account login problems.

How does this change impact access to full text from off-campus?

If you typically use the publisher link on PubMed abstracts to access full text, you’ll now find that you hit a paywall for content that is not published via Open Access.

Instead of using the publisher link, please use the Find It at OHSU Library button to access full text, which, after you enter your OHSU network credentials in the Remote Access Login screen, will take you directly to the article in most cases.  Note that some publishers do not permit direct linking to articles, so you may get taken to the journal’s main webpage instead, where you can navigate to the specific article you’re seeking.

If the OHSU Library doesn’t have access to the resource, you will be offered the option to request it through our Get It For Me service.

You can also refer to our EZproxy Toolkit to learn about other ways to get access to the Library’s electronic resources when you haven’t started your search at the Library’s web site.

On-campus access has not changed.

Where can I learn more about accessing OHSU Library electronic resources from off-campus?

Please see the following guides for more information:

Contact us if you have any questions not addressed here!