Your suggestions, week of 8/30/2021

The custodian asks us to leave the study rooms for cleaning and enforces the mask mandate.  This is disruptive and frustrating. 

We appreciate your perspective on the challenges of not being able to predict when the custodian will appear to clean the study room you are occupying.  While the custodial team makes every attempt to clean rooms when they are not occupied, the constant needs for many of the rooms means you as a user of Library spaces must allow custodial staff into the rooms to clean them. We understand that this can be disruptive, but it only takes a few minutes, and we are working with OHSU Facilities staff to identify ways to avoid interrupting you at crucial times. The custodial and Library staff work very hard to keep our spaces neat and clean for you and others and we hope that you are able to step out for the quick cleaning break, be patient and thankful for their work.

Masks are required in all buildings on the OHSU campus, including public areas like our study rooms.  We appreciate your help in keeping Library staff and users safe and healthy.