Increased Access to Textbooks and Learning Materials: The Library is Your Partner

Access to textbooks and other learning materials is vital to students’ academic success. The OHSU Library is committed to helping OHSU academic programs, instructors, and students identify needed textbooks, anticipate the cost of those materials, and access content affordably. As we look forward to the upcoming academic year, here we describe the Library’s textbook services and processes, so you can find what you need and plan accordingly.

Each academic term, the Library requests and receives textbook lists from instructors and academic programs. We ask to receive this information at least six weeks before the beginning of a term or course, and we post the textbook lists on the Library’s website. You can navigate this information by school, program, and course. We always include the most complete information available, including the textbook list price. Contact your academic program or instructor if you don’t see the textbooks for a program or course.

We will try to purchase the most accessible version of each textbook for access through the Library, ideally an e-book version that allows for simultaneous access by multiple readers. Unfortunately, many publishers will not sell or license electronic textbooks to libraries, severely limiting the OHSU Library’s ability to provide offsite and multi-reader access to textbooks. If the Library is able to purchase the book, we update the textbook list with this information, indicating if it is accessible through the Library in electronic or print format with a corresponding link to the OHSU Library catalog. Our goal is to have e-book links and print copies available by the start of a course.

While publishers’ policies limit the Library’s ability to provide learners with no-cost access to textbooks, we are passionate about working with academic programs, course directors, faculty, and students to identify open access or lower-cost alternative high-quality texts and learning materials. We encourage programs and faculty to contact the Library. OHSU librarians can discuss potential texts to assess their access and affordability and suggest opportunities to positively impact student success and well-being through lower textbook costs.

Best wishes for the upcoming academic year. Library staff are looking forward to supporting you. Please contact us if you have questions about the Library’s services or would like to schedule an appointment with an OHSU Librarian.