New exhibit now on view in the OHSU Library in the BICC

An engraving depicts an anatomical drawing of a hand, including veins and arteries, pointing to a book.

Our new exhibit, Historical Collections & Archives: Recent Acquisitions, is now on view in the interior Library entrance on the third floor of the BICC. This exhibit highlights items added to our unique historical collections here at the Library. On display are books, artifacts, and records related to OHSU and health sciences in Oregon. While these historical items are not “new” in a traditional sense, they are new to us. Many items were acquired during this extended period of Modified Operations.

The items will remain on display through January 2022. The space is open to OHSU badge holders from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm, Monday through Friday. If you are working or studying on the Marquam Hill campus, come check it out!

We encourage you to visit the Historical Collections & Archives website to learn more about our collections and programming, or to learn more about supporting our work

Featured image: Illustrated plate from Engravings of the Arteries by Charles Bell, 1824. 

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