Your suggestions, week of 10/11/2021

PLEASE CAN WE HAVE A STUDENT MICROWAVE PLEASE (students have one on waterfront, they’re so cheap)

MICROWAVE please  🙂

Can we please get a student microwave?  It is so hard to commute to campus + not have heating options for students looking to save $ and not buy lunch.

Please see our previous post about microwaves.  Cost is not the reason the Library decided not to provide a microwave in the Library space.  We have forwarded your request to the group that decides where to place microwaves on campus with the hope they will choose a location more convenient to you nearby.  We appreciate the challenges of lunch options that don’t require reheating, and offer these links with ideas:

50 of our best cold lunch ideas

54 cold lunch ideas for work – packed lunch ideas

16 packable lunches that don’t need reheating

15 no-heat lunch recipes for when you don’t have a microwave at work


The Lord once said, “Let there be light!”  I would like to request the same for room 429.  Please fix the lights….

The lights in BICC 429 have been fixed.  Thanks for letting us know about this, and we appreciate your humor!

Please consider using one of the options on the Library’s contact us page for situations like this, as those messages are retrieved more quickly than suggestion box messages.


Fix TVs (rm 441 especially) PLEASE.  They will not connect.

Thanks for reporting this (and including the room number).  We’re aware of an ongoing issue with the HDMI cables in our study rooms, and we are working to correct it.  In the meantime, we have made HDMI cables available for check out from our Service Desk during regular business hours (8:00 am to 6:00 pm).


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