Refreshed Library homepage for 2022

Drawing on usage statistics, common questions and requests, and survey data, we’ve redesigned selected elements of the Library homepage to make it easier to use. See below for details.

A screenshot depicts the Library homepage with updated features: 1) Quick links, 2) Get help, 3) Hours and spaces, and 4) News and highlights.
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1. Quick access to most-used resources and pages

We have re-worked the former “Popular resources” list into “Quick links” tabs, to get you to the shortlist of most-requested resources and services for clinicians, students, and faculty/researchers. Quick links to the top-viewed databases, guides and frequently asked questions aim to get you answers to common questions with less searching.

2. “Get help” menu with contact options

We’ve added a quick menu of common contact options, including our recently launched chat feature, to get you straight to your preferred mode of getting help from Library staff.

3. Simplified hours and spaces

We have simplified the display of our regular hours, and added links to information about spaces and room reservations to both the “Hours” section and the “Students” quick links tab.

4. Streamlined news feed

A renamed, abbreviated news feed (formerly “Recent Posts from Library Notes”) highlights only the most recent posts to keep updates fresh.


My most-used databases and journals aren’t on the homepage. How can I set up quick access to my favorite databases and scientific journals?

Consider bookmarking the sites of your preferred databases and journals in your web browser, and installing our EZproxy bookmarklet. With EZproxy, if you are already logged in and authenticated with your OHSU credentials, the page should reload and present you with the content you’re looking for. If not, it will prompt to login and then automatically redirect you back to your original page. Simple as that! Learn more and install the EZproxy bookmarklet.

See this FAQ for more options for quick access to your preferred journals.

How can I provide my thoughts or feedback on the Library homepage?

We welcome your questions and feedback as part of our continuous work on the website. Contact us if you have thoughts.