Your suggestions, week of December 27, 2021

Hello, I’ve requested a couple times now that a subscription to be considered for addition. I find this clinical resource to be succinct and pertinent. Please add a subscription to this at the OHSU Library. If it is not to be added, why not, and is there an appeal process?

Thank you for following up on your suggestion about NEJM Journal Watch.  We appreciate suggestions of resources from OHSU members and want to be transparent about our decision processes. I am sorry that our responses haven’t made it clear why we haven’t added a subscription–I’ve tried to clarify below. About appeals, we continue to evaluate subscription requests all through the year, and will make a new FY23 budget request in March, so, we can definitely consider NEJM Journal Watch again as we work on the budget.

The Library receives more requests for subscriptions than we have funding to add.  These requests are evaluated against each other in terms of cost, potential use, number and types of requests. We prioritize adding primary content (original articles) and since NEJM Journal Watch is a resource that creates secondary clinical content from primary content, we prioritize it lower than requests for primary content when we choose which of the requests we are going to try to fund.

In the case of NEJM Journal Watch, our earlier response suggested that some of what you might do with it could be achieved with ACP Journal Club which is something we already have access to. Knowing whether you have tried ACP Journal Club, and specifically what you would do with NEJM Journal Watch that cannot be done with ACP Journal Club would help us revisit our comparison. Thank you again for reaching out and we will update you as we move through the budget process.


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