“Cooking as Medicine: A Recipe for Health” exhibit now on view

Background of 1970s style blue and orange ombre shapes with white background. Text: "Cooking as Medicine: A Recipe for Health. Exhibit from Historical Collections & Archives. OHSU Library in the BICC. January to April 2022."Our new exhibit, Cooking as Medicine: A Recipe for Health, is now on view online and in the interior Library entrance on the third floor of the BICC through April 2022.

This exhibit examines cooking through the lens of medicine, incorporating materials from as early as the 1200s to as recent as the 1980s. Using items such as home medical manuals, treatises on nutrition and diet, and publications by OHSU authors, the exhibit traces changing historical perspectives on food, cookery and health to help us better understand the medicine and nutritional education of today. Curated by University Archivist Steve Duckworth.

We hope you’ll check it out online or in person the next time you’re on Marquam Hill. Visit the Historical Collections & Archives website to learn more about our collections and programming, or to learn more about supporting our work

For OHSU students wanting to learn more about the intersection of cooking and health sciences, the Culinary Medicine Interest Group is an interprofessional group of students interested in learning, teaching and promoting culinary medicine in their respective practices. Please reach out to one of their leads if you are interested in being added to the group’s email list. Group leads as of this posting are Julia ParkerSruthi Eapen, and Spencer Hills.