Book Display: Healing through the Ages

February’s book display highlights medicinal practices throughout history. The titles chosen for this collection encompass global health traditions that vary in geographical location and time period. They chart the development of foundational health practices in Chinese medicine, detail how pervasive maladies like scurvy were addressed, and highlight macabre and frightening practices, such as Victorian corpse medicine. Select topics cover herbal healing, indigenous health traditions, and medical practices in different eras. Listed below are some specific titles: 

Additional titles available as eBooks and through our Summit Service are included below: 

Ebooks are available to currently enrolled students, staff, or faculty members and can be accessed by signing-in with OHSU credentials. 

Summit is a resource sharing service that provides access to books and audio-visual media from throughout the Northwest. This service is available free of charge to any currently enrolled OHSU student, staff, or faculty member. Books check out for 6-weeks with an optional one-time renewal. 

This display is located at the front entrance of the library and will be available through March. For more reading inspiration, check out this extensive list of titles from Book Riot about the history of medicine: