Improved Library Search coming June 22nd- review your Saved Searches now!

On June 22nd, OHSU Library will implement an updated and improved Library Search which may cause interruptions between 7am-9am. It will function much like the current Library Search but with several new features to improve the research experience:

  • Better grouping of related items and removal of duplicate records
  • New feedback button directed to Library Staff
  • Intuitive and enhanced user experience, including easier access to PDFs of available articles and eBooks
  • New Search-Inside feature will allow users to search for articles within journal titles

Our work-in-progress version of the Library Search can be accessed here, and with it you are able to access and place requests for the resources we have or can borrow from other libraries. We would love to hear any feedback you have ahead of our launch. Please use the “Give Us Feedback” tool in the lower right corner of this beta Library Search display.

Saved Searches

While we are excited for the upgrade, it means that all saved searches, items, and attached notifications will disappear. Please be aware that after June 22nd users and support staff will be unable to retrieve saved searches from the old site. See our Library Search Transition Guide to know how this impacts saved data in Library Search.