Book Display: Exploring Medical Illustrations

Our newest book display explores the art of medical illustration. This collection reflects the long and storied history of how science and humanities intersect through art. The titles span centuries and disciplines, ranging topically from medicinal flora employed by the Aztecs to the detailed medical drawings of famed neuroscientist, Santiago Ramon y Cajal. Select titles include:  

Additional titles available through our Summit Service and as eBooks are included below: 

Summit is a resource sharing service that provides access to books and audio-visual media from academic libraries throughout the Northwest. This service is available free of charge to any currently enrolled OHSU student, staff, or faculty member. Books check out for 6-weeks with an optional one-time renewal. 

eBooks are available to currently enrolled students, staff, or faculty members and can be accessed by signing-in with OHSU credentials. 

This display is located on the third-floor lobby of OHSU Library and will be available through July.  


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