Library Improvements Address your Suggestions—Thank You!

Dear OHSU Students,

We are grateful for the feedback you shared via the annual Student Services survey.  We received many helpful comments from the 147 students who evaluated their Library experiences.

The themes for 2021 are similar to those reported from the past two years of this important survey.  Soon after the survey 2021 closed, we released a newly designed Library website home page that reduced the number of clicks to access our most popular content and made it easier to find and access ways to get help from Library experts. We also published a new Student-focused guide that we hope you will use and suggest enhancements to make it more useful.

Below, you will find our improvements grouped by the themes that emerged from the 2021 Student Services Survey.  For the things that are under development, we will share updates on the Library blog and with All-Hill Council.

Easier online access to journals and books through the Library website

More spaces to study with fewer interruptions

  • In July, there will be two new reservable rooms and at least 10 cubicles for independent study on the 2nd floor of the BICC building available M-F 8-5:30. We recognize that you want more study spaces on the Waterfront and have shared those comments with the interim Provost.
  • Meeting with a librarian or other student service?  The RLSB Learning Resource Center (LRC) has two private spaces dedicated to virtual consultations with librarians and other services. We also deliver books and other materials on request to private lockboxes just outside the LRC for you to pick up at hours convenient to your schedule.
  • Cleaning now only takes place when rooms are unoccupied–let us know if something needs attention.

More ways to get help from library staff

  • We implemented a chat service for starting a conversation with Library staff and put all our contact approaches on the Library home page to make it easier to reach us.
  • If the listed appointment times do not work with your schedule, ask us for a day and time that does.
  • We created customized training videos & guides, and more are coming this summer. Ask for help with databases like CINAHL or reference management with EndNote or Zotero.

We always want to hear about how we can improve your library and student experience.  Please contact us so we can respond to your questions and support your goals. General feedback is also welcome via our anonymous Suggestion Box.  Thank you again and stay tuned!

Kris Alpi, University Librarian, on behalf of the entire Library team