Featured Resource: Dynamed for Clinical Decision-Making

DynaMed logo

Point-of-care tools are research and reference resources designed to provide clinicians with information they can quickly utilize when working with a patient. The OHSU Library provides access to several point-of-care tools, including DynaMed. One of DynaMed’s strengths is the systematic rating system it applies to determine the level of evidence being used for recommendations, as well as extensive bibliographies for each entry. For a clinician who wants to dig deeper into the medical literature or just verify the level of evidence being used, DynaMed may be the bedside tool that you are looking for. It even has a mobile version for your phone or tablet.

You can search DynaMed for clinical background questions or navigate it by specialty. The customizable Recent Alerts feature reports changes in the evidence. DynaMed also integrates drug information from Micromedex, including a drug interaction tool, and a suite of clinical calculators.

The information in this robust clinical decision-making resource is current, systematically vetted, and well-cited. You can access DynaMed from the quick links tabs on the Library’s home page, from the A-Z Databases, and from Epic. Also, explore our Clinical Resources Guide for more information about other tools we support and recommend.