Use PubMed Clinical Queries to Find Clinical Evidence Quickly

You may already use PubMed to find information on clinical or disease-specific topics, but did you know that PubMed has a tool that will connect you to clinical evidence more quickly? Created with the busy clinician in mind, PubMed’s Clinical Queries applies built-in filters to your search terms, saving you the time of performing a full literature search. You can filter one search by two clinical research categories: clinical studies or COVID-19.

For the clinical studies category, you can drill down to articles within specific domains: therapy, clinical prediction guides, diagnosis, etiology, or prognosis.







To access clinical research related to COVID-19, choose the COVID-19 clinical research category for your search, and narrow to articles on treatment, prevention, transmission, forecasting, long COVID, and more.







Clinical Queries can be accessed from the PubMed home screen under “Find”:












See PubMed Clinical Queries in action by watching this short video from University of British Columbia librarian Dean Giustini.

Contact the OHSU Library with questions about using PubMed for searching the evidence-based literature. You can access PubMed from the Library’s home page under Quick Links or the A-Z Database List.