“Illustrating Medicine: The Visionary Work of Fred Harwin” exhibit now on view

'Illustrating Medicine: The Visionary Work of Fred Harwin. Exhibit from Historical Collections & Archives. OHSU Library in the BICC. February - May 2023." Illustration of open heart surgery in center.Historical Collections & Archives is pleased to introduce our new exhibit, Illustrating Medicine: The Visionary Work of Fred Harwin, curated by Director of Special Collections Maria Cunningham. The exhibit is now on view online and in the interior Library entrance on the third floor of the BICC until May 2023.

Fred Harwin is an artist, ocularist, and medical illustrator. While serving as Director of the Department of Medical Illustration at OHSU, Harwin collaborated with renowned cardiac surgeons Dr. Brad Harlan and Dr. Albert Starr on the Manual of Cardiac Surgery. The Manual marked a breakthrough in medical texts, being the first text on heart surgery to include color illustrations and to include the artist as one of the text authors. Harwin also developed a special drawing technique for the Manual that allowed the viewer to see the layers and minute details of the surgery.

Drawing from the Fred Harwin collection, this exhibit highlights original art Harwin produced for the Manual of Cardiac Surgery, promotional art for medical supply and publishing companies, and artwork done for OHSU. Incorporating original illustrations, promotional advertisements, art, and artifacts, the exhibit examines the evolution of Harwin’s work from his early to career to present.

We hope you’ll check it out online or in person the next time you’re on Marquam Hill, or better yet: join us for a reception celebrating the new exhibit on February 22, 2023.

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