Intern Poster Session – A Success!

Our 2011 Summer Interns did a terrific job sharing the results of their research today. Congratulations to Catherine Smith, Kari Nilsen, Vera Warren, Magali Blanco, Jonny Flores, Dima Orel, Monica Donlan, Justin Karr, Melanie Koren, Sarah Miller, Cindy Lin and Brad Eckelman. All of these students either attend (or are recent graduates) of an Oregon University or are Oregon residents.

Special congratulations to award winners Brad Eckelman (Gene FISHing: Investigating genetic differences between proton and iron-irradiated mouse kidney epithelium using fluorescence in-situ hybridization); Magali Blanco (Pesticide Safety Training in an Agricultural Community) and Catherine Smith (Comparative distribution of chloride ion transport protein KCC2 mRNA expression in suprachiasmatic nucleus of mice over the circadian day).

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