Working Towards Healthier Nail Salons

Last year you heard a lot of information coming out of  CROET about hair smoothing products and formaldehyde. If you missed it you can catch up on our Emerging Issues webpage. But hair salons aren’t our only interest. Over the past few years, as members of the Oregon Collaborative for Healthy Nail Salons (OCHNS) we have been looking for ways to help nail salons become safer and healthier. Early on, OCHNS with leadership from member Oregon OSHA, created a tip sheet for owners and technicians (English version; Vietnamese version).

CROET’s Diane Rohlman and Asian Health & Services Center Executive Director Holden Leung and AHSC staff member pose at CROET exhibit.

Last Saturday, CROET met with community members at the Asian Health & Service Center’s Health Fair to get feedback about our new pilot project on nail salons. See our photos on facebook. We appreciated the translators who helped us communicate with community members speaking Chinese, Korean and Vietnamese. Partnering with AHSC, we are beginning to better learn what health and safety concerns those in the nail salon community have and what approaches might be most helpful to address these concerns.

Do you have an interest in this topic? Join us at OCHNS or contact us at CROET.