Pull Out That Video Camera!

Oregon High School students have another opportunity to create a safety video for cash. The 2012 “Save a Friend, Work Safe” video contest, sponsored by O[yes] is underway.

“This contest allowed me to help spread a message that directly applies to my peers,” said Piers Dennis, the 2011 first-place winner from Lake Oswego, and who was quoted in last month’s Oregon OSHA press release.  “I had a lot of fun making the video and feel like I am making a difference by drawing attention to workplace dangers.”

The contest is designed to increase awareness about safety on the job for young people. Students must create a 45-second public service announcement with the overall theme of “Save a Friend. Work Safe.” Participants are encouraged to use humor, creativity, and share the message “Speak Up!” while emphasizing ways to protect themselves at work.

The Oregon Young Employee Safety Coalition (O[yes]), Oregon OSHA, SAIF Corporation, American Society of Safety Engineers, Liberty Northwest, the Greater Portland Construction Partnership, and the Center for Research on Occupational and Environmental Toxicology (CROET) are sponsoring the contest.

Just as exciting, is a current O[yes] project to put previous years’ videos into a module addressing job safety and health, workplace rights, and tips for asking questions in the workplace. Later this year this training module, including videos and instructor notes, will be shared with teachers and youth leaders across Oregon.

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