CROET Symposia: What next?

Speakers at Innovations in Safety Climate symposium.

Over the past 13 years, CROET has been providing fall and spring health and safety symposia, targeted especially to health and safety professionals and researchers within Oregon. Our fall event is co-sponsored by Portland State University Occupational Health Psychology Program.

Of course, we often have attendees from states other than Oregon, particularly Washington. In fact, now that our events are also available by webinar, distance is no limitation. During our last symposium, we even had a colleague express interest in joining us from Thailand. We are now confident in our ability to offer the webinar format to be able to share that option for our 2012 scientific seminars along with distance ABIH credit for industrial hygienists in our future symposia.

Our goal, as we plan our symposia, is to provide new and innovative ideas and research in a way that is useful for practitioners. This can be challenging as we balance research news from academia with a practicality necessary for day-to-day use. We appreciate the feedback we’ve received from you, our constituents. Earlier this week we received this comment: “This is one of the best educational events I have ever attended–innovative, interactive and educational! Keep up the good work and thanks for asking for my opinion!” Thank you, for sharing your opinions with us, as we continue to offer top notch events.

So, help us out! We want to hear from you as to what you’d like to see presented, as we plan for spring 2012, fall 2012 and beyond.  Please weigh in on our short survey. Or contact us by email. We really want to hear from you!

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