Oregon Healthy Workforce Center – Full Steam Ahead!

Specific project aims for Dr. Kerry Kuehl's project, "Health Promotion in Correctional Officers."

We were pleased to share our news about funding of the Oregon Healthy Workforce Center (ORhwc), a NIOSH Total Worker Health Center of Excellence. Perhaps you’ve been wondering, now what?

Our Principal Investigators have begun their regular “chalk talks” as they finalize study design and plan to begin data collection for each funded research project. Chalk talks give each researcher an opportunity to share the status of their project, and collaborate with Center staff and investigators.

Dr. Anger presents his chalk talk on "Supervisor Training to Promote Health/Safety in Construction."


The ORhwc outreach and education team is gathering feedback from you to determine topics and agendas for our 2012 continuing education events, partner luncheon and scientific seminars. Dr. Leslie Hammer and center staff are beginning to plan for the Summer Institute. We are also building our relationships within Oregon with those of you already ahead of the curve in what your do to support total worker health.

We’d love to hear from you about your organization’s needs to better address total worker health. Add a comment below or reach us by email.