What’s up for 2012?

What is your organization‘s top priority as you plan for workplace health, safety and wellness in 2012? Certainly, in the big picture, adding jobs is a top focus for all of us. Health care and health assessments are among top conversation topics affecting “business health” and personal health. And we’re all expecting to do more with less.

But we know there are some very positive and exciting things happening in many organizations. What are some of the key priorities within yours? Here at CROET we are actively engaging in conversations to help us learn how we can better serve our stakeholders. We will continue sharing our online resources, evidence-based research outcomes and continuing educational symposia and webinars to serve our community. The new Oregon Healthy Workforce Center plans to share tools that will help you find reasons and strategies to integrate safety and health interventions with health protection and wellness.

What about you? What are your top priorities for 2012?