OR-FACE and CROET Participate in the Mid-Oregon Construction Safety Summit

The Oregon Fatality Assessment and Control Evaluation (OR-FACE) program exhibited, as a part of CROET Outreach, at the 11th Annual Mid-Oregon Construction Safety Summit on January 24.  The conference was hosted by Oregon OSHA and several hundred residential and commercial construction workers attended. Construction safety is a principal area of concern for OR-FACE because, over a 5-year period (2003-2007), falls in the construction industry accounted for 42% of all fatal occupational-related falls. While at the event, OR-FACE connected with industry leaders and administered a survey to construction supervisors and safety professionals about safety practices at their worksites. Data from the survey, in addition to data from OR-FACE worksite investigations, will be used to develop an intervention to reduce occupational fatalities associated with falls, particularly involving ladders and construction.

OR‑FACE is supported by a cooperative agreement with the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), Division of Safety Research (2U60OH008472-06) through the Oregon Health Authority. Email orface@ohsu.edu, or call 503.494.2281 for information about OR-FACE.



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  1. This would be a great help for those civil contractors like me. Aside from managing the work flow and overseeing the progress of many building and construction projects, civil contractors are also tasked to make sure health and safety procedures are well complied at all corners of the worksite.

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