CROET Staff Recognized by OHSU

Dr. Dan Dan Dorsa with CROET's Dr. Kent Anger and Janice Stewart

Congratulations to CROET employees recognized by OHSU at a Research Employee Appreciation Event.

Dr. Dan Dorsa, Vice President of Research, presented a special award to Janice Stewart, Kent Anger and Stephen Lloyd. This threesome were recognized for their outstanding lead of CROET during the Center’s search for a new Director.

CROET researcher, Harini Sampath, was the first winner of the outstanding Postdoctoral Fellow award – for a post doc trainee or post doc researcher in the Research Mission that demonstrated outstanding performance, achievement or initiative.

CROET's Kent Anger and Harini Sampath

Harini is a third year postdoc fellow in the Lloyd & McCullough lab. During the last year, Harini has been awarded 2 grants, the first from the American Heart Association, and an OCTRI pilot project related to her investigations in the fundamental mechanisms underlying metabolic syndrome. She has also recently authored a paper and was first author on three review articles. Congratulations to Dr. Sampath!