Oregon Healthy WorkForce Center Common Measures Meeting

One of the promises of the Oregon Healthy WorkForce Center is to use several of the same measures in all projects as we apply our interventions to change the workplace – in home care, construction, corrections, parks and recreation.

The interventions are aimed at increasing safety and health and improving personal wellness in these workplaces around Oregon. Examples of measures that can be used in all interventions are injury reports, workplace stress, and nutrition and diet.

Pictured are the Oregon Center PIs and staff selecting the measures to be used. Dr. Diane Rohlman (center) is coordinating the selection process and the individual PIs recommend the best measures based on their experience and the research literature.

These common measures are being placed in a data repository which we can use to compare the effectiveness of similar types of interventions across different industry sectors, thus multiplying the benefits of the research.

OR Healthy WorkForce Center common measures meeting