Dangerous Decibels Program: Listen for Life

We’re always excited to hear about the innovative work being done by OHSU’s Dangerous Decibels Program. Perhaps you’ve heard about Jolene, her cookbook and siblings. Jolene is a system for measuring sound levels of personal stereo systems and her cookbook has been downloaded in 27 countries.

Dangerous Decibels has another innovative project, Listen for Life.  This project is a Tribal Community-based Prevention of Noise-Induced Hearing Loss and Tinnitus and is in partnership with OHSU Department of Public Health, Center for Healthy Communities and the Northwest Portland Area Indian Health Board.

The goal of this project is to reduce the incidence of noise-induced hearing loss and tinnitus in northwest tribal communities by creating a sustainable hearing health program that is within the social, cultural and practical requirements of this community. Meeting with tribal advisors, the Dangerous Decibels classroom program was reviewed and revised to make it more culturally relevant. What’s particularly innovative about this project is using students’ help to tell their families what they have learned, boosted by a media campaign. The evaluation, with baseline, post-intervention and follow-up surveys will assess changes in knowledge, attitudes and behaviors related to hearing health. Sustainability will be enhanced by tribal members participation in the educator training workshops. We look forward to learning more about the success of Listen for Life.

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