It’s Time for a Refresher Course on Heat Stress

You may find it hard to believe today, but eventually the weather is going to heat up, so now’s the time to bone up on your knowledge about heat stress and sun exposure. provides links to useful information on its Heat Stress and Sun Exposure webpage. The first link on this webpage takes you to OSHA’s Campaign to Prevent Heat Illness in Outdoor Workers website. Here you’ll find a virtual treasure trove of information that can help you to be more comfortable in the heat and avoid heat-related illness.

Canada has already experienced unusually high temperatures, and Health Canada has responded by producing a series of helpful guidance documents under its Developing Heat Resistant Communities Program. Health Canada’s website includes documents that are helpful to health care workers, including two documents: Heat Alert and Response Systems to Protect Health: Best Practices Guidebook, and Extreme Heat Events Guidelines: User Guide for Health Care Workers and Health Administrators.

Also, check out the new Heat Safety Tool phone app developed by OSHA, available in both English and Spanish.

Have a great Summer…..and be knowledgeable about how to avoid the consequences of heat stress and sun exposure.