Moving Towards Total Worker Health™

If you’ve been following our news over the past few months, you’ve heard about the Oregon Healthy WorkForce Center. There is no doubt that we have all been pretty excited about it as we recognize that only by looking at the whole worker – the whole person, really – can we make significant strides in health, safety and wellness.

If you’ve been scratching your head about what this really means, make sure you visit the recent NIOSH Science Blog: The Research Compendium: The NIOSH Total Worker Health™ Program: Seminal Research Papers 2012. In this blog, key documents are summarized including: Steps to a Healthier US Workforce: Integrating Occupational Health and Safety and Worksite Health Promotion: State of the Science (Glorian Sorensen, PhD, MPH; Elizabeth Barbeau, ScD, MPH); Examining the Value of Integrating Occupational Health and Safety Promotion Programs in the Workplace (Ron Z. Goetzel, Ph.D.); and, The Economics of Integrating Inury and Illness Prevention and Health Promotion Programs (Seth A. Seabury, PhD; Darius Lakdawalla, Ph.D.; Robert T. Reville, Ph.D.).

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