Join us in Total Worker Health

I couldn’t help noticing last week at the Blue Mountain Occupational Health and Safety Conference, how many discussions related to wellness. And not just about traditional wellness programs, but the desire to integrate wellness into organizational values and health and safety programs. This is exciting stuff!

Please consider joining this discussion with us at the Oregon Healthy WorkForce Center’s first annual Partners Luncheon on Thursday, September 14 In Portland. We are eager to hear our keynote speaker, Dr. Larry Chapman, share strategies related to the return of investment of workplace wellness programs. We are particularly excited to meet with you, our stakeholders, to better understand how the Oregon Healthy WorkForce Center can support your needs. Learn more about the luncheon where you will be able to register by completing our brief survey about your needs and interests so we can make our September time together as useful as possible. There is no cost for the luncheon, but you must register to have a seat at the table.  And you need to remain from 11 PM when the luncheon starts until 2 PM when it ends for to qualify for the drawing for the wifi iPad that an attendee will receive as an extra incentive for participating in the luncheon.  We are eager to hear from you.

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