A Summer of Swimming Pools and Tumblr

CROET has been lucky this summer to hire a terrific group of summer interns. One of the projects supported by two of these college student interns is a young worker safety, health and wellness project funded by the Oregon Healthy Workforce Center and CROET.

The Health Promotion and Health Protection in Young Workers, led by Diane Rohlman, Ph.D., owes a lot of its early success to a partnership with the City of Portland Park and Recreation staff, including lifeguards staffing pools throughout Portland, and their supervisors. Project staff, including Rohlman, Megan Parish, Eric Serres and Hannah White, are beginning to learn a lot about ways to engage young workers with activities related to health, safety and wellness, as well as the usefulness of social medial sites like tumblr to collect and share information.

Investigator Diane Rohlman (center) with Portland Park and Recreation Staff.

We are looking forward to upcoming presentations about this project at next week’s Oregon Young Employee Safety (O[yes]) August meeting, and at CROET’s August 16 Summer Intern Poster Session. Let us know if you’d like to join us at either presentation.

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