CROET Interns Dazzle


1st Place Basic Research: Ariana Remmel (Reed College) - Patton Lab ("Mapping Costamere Composition: Molecular Mechanisms in Muscular Dystrophy)
1st Place Applied Research - Eric Serres (Western Oregon University), Rohlman Lab ("PUSH - Promoting U through Safety and Health")
2nd Place Basic Research: Kimberly Larlee (Northwest Nazarene University), Lloyd Lab ("Replication bypass of the 2,6-diamino-4-hydroxy-N5-(methyl)-formamidopyrimidine DNA lesion in Escherichia coli")
2nd Place Applied Research: Diana Cater (Whitworth University), Shannon Lab ("Participation in a Human Research Study Changes Middle School Students' Attitudes Toward Science, but not Toward Research")
Peter Do (Portland State University), Anger Lab ("Evaluating the Effectiveness of Self-defense Training for Homecare Workers")
Amanuel Tafessu (Reed College), Kretzchmar Lab ("dBACE-GGA Interactions in Age-dependent Neurodegeneration")
Annie Cannon (left) (Portland State University), Olson Lab ("Out of Sight, Out of Mind: On-Site Tool Box Talk Guides to Improve Construction Safety")
Jasmina Dizdarevic (Portland State University), Turker Lab ("Development of a System to Understand the Formation of Malignant Cells via a Possible Tetraploid Intermediate")
Michael Rick Rollins (Portland State University), Lloyd Lab ("Metabolic Effects of Human NEIL1 Transgenes in NEIL1 Wildtype and Knockout Mice")
Melanie Koren (Wesleyan), Olson Lab ("Measuring the Effects of Physical Activity during Commutes on Work-Home Balance and Stress")
Rossmary Marquez (University of Oregon), Rohlman Lab ("What's in my Dust? Communicating Research Findings to Agricultural Families")
Morris Kim (Santa Clara University), Grace Muange (George Fox University - not shown), Tshala-Katumbay Lab ("Biomarkers of Susceptability to Food (Cassava) Cyanogenic Intoxication")
Hannah White (University of Oregon), Rohlman Lab ("Nail Salon Makeover: Health, Safety, and Wellness in Vietnamese Nail Technicians")


Nima Subramanian (Reed College), Kretzchmar Lab ("Effect of Sleep Deprivation on Neurodegeneration in Drosophilia Alzheimer's Disease Model")

Summer Student Research Awards are three-month paid summer internships designed to introduce college freshman, sophomores, juniors, and seniors to various fields of biomedical research. Selected interns are Oregon residents or attend colleges and universities in Oregon. Learn more about the CROET Summer Intern Program. See more photos from the poster session on CROET’s facebook page.