Health and Safety Webinars for You

As you may know, CROET provides two health and safety symposia every year. We try to be thoughtful as we select our topics  for each of these, to provide a balance between sharing new research on emerging issues along with practical information that you can use in your workplace. What you may not know, is that for the last several years we have been recording and archiving these presentations and they are all available at no cost for you to watch as long as you have an internet connection. And you’ll see that you can select individual presentations so you aren’t committed to an entire daylong session at once.

We are eager for next week’s symposium on Workplace Aggression, co-sponsored by Portland State University Occupational Health Psychology Program.  We have some top notch speakers and hope you are planning to join us here in Portland on Friday, Nov. 2. It is not too late to register, but do it today! Perhaps you can’t make it to Portland next week? Join us by webinar. Better yet, register for the webinar and set up a satellite viewing in your workplace, allowing others to join you for the day.

And what’s up for next spring, you may ask? Hint: it will relate to something that you and your workforce probably don’t get nearly enough of! Stay tuned.


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