Dr. Buck describes COHEs to Oregon’s Medical Advisory Committee (MAC)

Washington State’s Centers for Occupational Health and Education (COHEs) were described to Oregon’s Medical Advisory Committee (MAC) that provides advice to the state’s Worker’s Compensation Division (WCD) by Dr. Mike Buck of CROET.  CROET had developed a review of the COHEs and proposed feasibility studies to determine if components of the COHEs might be useful if implemented in Oregon’s Workers’ Compensation system, at the request of the WCD and Oregon’s Management Labor Advisory Committee (MLAC) following interest expressed by the Oregon Legislature.

MLAC has accepted the COHE report and is reviewing it.  The MAC was interested in learning more about the COHE’s and the feasibility studies proposed in the CROET report.  The COHE report by Drs. Buck and Anger is available on the WCD site.

Pictured is Dr. Buck (right) speaking to the MAC.  To Dr. Buck’s left is Ms. Cara Filsinger, new MAC Administrator for the WCD, and Dr. Ronald Bowman, Chair of the MAC, is to her left. Other members of the MAC and the WCD are also shown listening to the presentation.